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Resume Resources

Free email at
Free web space at
Search for loads of free web hosting services at

Think having your domain name for email and webhosting will help your jobhunt? $15 a year for domain and 10 megs webspace (no scripting support). Using this one for hosting

I'm currently using the following low cost options for the rest of my domains. $20 a month and you get to place your cgi scripts wherever you want, no more dropping everything into a single cgi-bin directory.    I'm using this for and redirecting and to specific photo sets., great for multi domain hosting. Take a look at to see what I'm talking about. is the way to go for domain name registrations. The prices are better than and the account management features are way better including such things as free email and web forwardning.

Utah Job Hunting

Many of the nationwide resources offer Utah specific searching

State of Utah Unemployment and Workforce Service Info

Don't feel like braving the cold. Salt Lake Tribune classified ads are online and searchable. Plus no ink on your hands when you're done. looks to have cleaned up it's act. Real jobs outnumbered the scams by a wide margin last time I visited.

Nationwide Job Hunting

Search for your city or area at

Wasn't able to apply for the one position I found at, but don't let that discourage you.




4jobs takes the cake for the slowest jobs search site so far. This site watches each field entry. Wotta pain.

Looking for freelance work. Programmers try ITMoonlighter, and for artists there is CreativeMoonlighter

Jammin Jobs send me a request to list them. They claim to be a general job search site and the number of jobs for Salt Lake City was off the chart. Beware, they cheat big time. The real count is somewhere around 40 nursing and other allied health listings repeated over and over and over and over and over. If you are looking for nursing or other affiliated medical positions skip this site, since they are wasting your time with duplicate listings. Instead I recommend you try a medical specialty job site like Monster Healthcare or Health Jobs USA or any of the other sites you can find searching Google with the terms medical jobs

Games Jobs

The document is getting outdated, but has a list of companies is a good starting spot

All the Rest

All the good domain names are gone when the best a company can do is, which despite the silly name is a real company's website.

If you're willing to relocate, Al Qaeda is hiring

Not tied down. Check out Princess Cruises for jobs working in Alaska this summer. Or call 1-800-727-3199 ext 65824 to schedule an interview.

Artists, there are jobs listed in the Salt Lake Tribune classified ads . Don't search for art though. It turns up 241 jobs that match words like heart, start today, apartment manager to name a few.

Artists look in the computer section of the classified ads for art jobs requiring computer skills. Seems to be about a job a week posted there.

A big thumbs down to Job Services. There are multiple jobs for programmers posted on the board that never get filled or removed.

Received this joke by email with best resume goofs "Please call me after 5:30 because I am self-employed and my employer does not know I am looking for another job."

The document has been moved to it's own page

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